to anyone going to eyecon this year

can i bunk with you? my friends decided to not come anymore and i don’t have enough money to pay for the hotel all on my own

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Some Basic French Expressions

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Why would you do this to me. I was doing so well. I was reading stories where Stiles was okay and everyone hugged all the time and it felt like my heart was healing. Things were looking up for me. I felt like I could ponder Stiles Stilinski without a hitch in my breathing.

And now this. WHY. WHY.


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I really want to go to the Eyecon convention but I don’t really have money and no one wants to go with me and I don’t know how I would get to Atlanta without a car? Or people with cars? HELP

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You know you’re a Quebecker when everybody is en tabarnak because les Libéraux won the provincial election.
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Like many viewers, I was put off by How I Met Your Mother’s actual 42-minute finale, which featured divorce, death, and a whole lot of character regression. So I decided to trim it down to a regular-length episode that conveniently left those parts out. Enjoy!

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get to know me - [2/5] completed tv shows
Buffy the Vampire Slayer ⇢ “If the apocalypse comes, beep me.”

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The Captain’s gone and got himself in trouble.

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Survey #115 : Bold What’s True

You are English. 
You want to visit New Zealand. 
You can’t sit down on the grass without making a daisy chain. 
You play guitar. 
Your parents are still together. 
You have been heartbroken before. 
You can speak more than one language. 
You’ve been called weird before. 
You somehow always end up wearing odd socks. 
You’re a champion procrastinator. 
You hated science.
You frequently stare into space without realizing. 
You hardly ever cry.
You’re shy. 
Your shyness holds you back sometimes. 
You’re a Christian. 
You’re scared of the unknown.
You have a myspace but hardly ever use it. 
You write music. 
You can’t dance to save your life. 
You love summer dresses. 
Your birthday is in mid August. 
You blog frequently. 
You love wearing band t-shirts with converses.
You usually don’t use your free time very productively. 
You’re good at spelling. 
You’re bad at mental maths. 
You hate horror movies. 
You wear eyeliner pretty much everyday without fail. 
You don’t do enough exercise. 
You still enjoy playing Sims computer games. 
You love catching trains. 
You want to visit Italy. 
You used to have braces. 
You refuse to smoke. 
You always have a constant supply of paracetamol in case you get headaches. 
You used to get nosebleeds all the time. 
You’re a night owl. 
You’re at your worst in the morning. 
You love The Little Mermaid. 
You should be doing homework right now.
You are 15 years old. 
You don’t really like to watch TV. 
You aren’t fat, but you want to weigh less. 
You are self-conscious. 
You have trust issues. 
You are close with your mother. 
You would sleep in everyday if you could. 
You buy way too many clothes.
You’re a Facebook addict. 
You have been best friends with your best friend forever.
You aren’t very athletic. 
You like high school football. 
You can sing alright. 
You’re normally pretty happy.
You cry easily. 
You get mad easily.
You always have head aches. 
You love electric blankets. 
Forever 21 is your favorite store. 
You hate spending money, but you always want to buy things. 
You hate living in the country. 
You get your feelings hurt very easily. 
Christmas is your favorite holiday. 
Rap and country are your genre of music. 
Your butt is really big
You have super curly hair. 
You hate pizza. 
You were born in Pittsburgh. 
You have 1 little sister. 
You love fashion. 
Glitter is your favorite. 
Your nails are always painted. 
You’re normally pretty quiet. 
You hate opening up to people. 
You aren’t really a fan of girls. 
You enjoy taking walks. 
You love to be tan. 
You wish you could live at the beach. 
You can’t cook at all. 
You aren’t a very good swimmer. 
You have a pink laptop. 
You wish you could be a model. 
You kind of have a jealousy issue. 
You have chosen some pretty bad friends in the past. 
You love wearing dresses.
You hate hate hate getting your hopes up and then it doesn’t happen. 
You’re pretty much scared of everything. 
You love to cuddle. 
You’re not very good at school.
You love roller coasters.
You’re not really an animal person.
Jesus is my savior.
I am Canadian. 
I am finished with high school.
I play guitar. 
I write my own songs. 
I love watching YouTube videos. 
I work in a coffee shop. 
My best friends are my cousins. 
I have two brothers. 
I have one sister. 
I love wearing quirky t-shirts. 
I have two cats. 
I have a dog. 
I collect beanie babies. 
My favorite color is blue. 
My favorite number is somewhere between 15 and 20. 
I think too much. 
I have seen everything that has ever been posted on FailBlog. 
My room is covered in random posters and memories. 
I have curly hair.
My favorite letters are L and Q. 
My favorite animal is the chipmunk. 
Music is incredibly important to me. 
I don’t know what to do with my life. 
I wish I could play the piano. 
Chocolate is amazing. 
I could eat pizza every day and not get sick of it. 
I can see beauty in everything, even if the world thinks it’s ugly. 
I have an average body.
I generally like how I look. 
I have never tried drugs. 
I have never been drunk. 
I love indie music. 
I am very artistic. 
I love video games. 
I love Converse hi-tops.
My name starts with a K. 
I like my middle name. 
One of my best friends is of the opposite gender. 
I love reading. 
I hate peas. 
I have at least 10 collections of random things. 
I hate shopping for clothes. 
I love watching movies, especially comedies. 
I don’t own a cell phone. 
One of my favorite bands is one that few people have heard of.
I don’t like salad. 
It takes me less than a half an hour to get ready in the mornings. 
I have blue eyes. 
I live in a small town. 
I have been in several bands. 
I always fall for someone that can make me laugh. 
I get along well with my parents.

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Song: Charmed Life
Artist: Leigh Nash
Album: Uptown Girls
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Leigh Nash - Charmed Life
: acoustic pop / download: here

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SINGLE FILEBillionUploads. Mega.

*Please note that PutLocker is now FireDrive.

MASTER PAGES: 1 ♦ 2 ♦ 3A ♦ 3B

If you need any help with this, please don’t hesitate to ask. There is a tutorial on the master pages above on how to extract the rar files. If you have issues with the extraction saying that the file is broken, check that the file sizes you saved matches the file size on the host site. Sometimes a glitch in PL’s system will complete the file before it’s full. 

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Song: You can't kill me
Artist: Nogitsune
Album: Angry evil spirits with sexy voices
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You’re all welcome

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